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Points List

To the left and a short swipe right from the CO2 Summary page we get to the heart of the application, the points and the travel types.  This application works based on 'sections' of travel for which it attempts to calculate the most likely type of travel.  As a rough guide the following applies

1) If going over 1000km or going over 400mph then it assumes its a plane
2) Then if going over 200km or going over 30mph then its a train
3) Then going over 30mph then its a car
4) Then going over 10km its a bike
5) Otherwise you are walking.

The list of points includes the icon for the travel type, the time of the point and some summary information about the travel at this point.  This is fixed to metric at this stage.  What you can do here however is look to see more about that section or correct the travel type if the application has got it wrong.  To do this just select an item in the list and the Point Detail page appears.