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Distance Summary

The first page covers distances travelled.  If you go into settings you can switch from Metric (KM) to Imperial (Miles).  The second column is how that distance related to a circumnavigation of the planet.  In the picture to the right you can see that so far the person has travelled 29,241km, which is about 0.73 times around the planet.

At the bottom of the page is the number of points and the 'recalculate' button.  The points just says how many points have been captured. 

The recalculate button is there for occasional use, if you ever see the stats in the summary looking a bit odd then hit this button and it will reasonably quickly recalculate everything.  The timescales are for 'the time since the start of' the day, week, month, year etc not 'the last 30 days' etc.  This means that if the month starts on a Wednesday then you can have on the Thursday a higher figure for the Weeks travel than for the months travel.  This is being done so in future you can more easily compare months to see how things are changing.