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Carbon Travel Tracker

The Carbon Travel Tracker is an automatic travel tracker for the iPhone which gives you a reasonably accurate view of all of the travel you do and the impact that it has on the planet.  Its designed to be started and then just run in the background permanently.  If you start the app, get on a plane, turn off your phone,  then turn the phone back on when you arrive it will automatically start tracking locations again.  Navigation is done in three ways, swiping on the main three screens, selecting a point from the list (see below) and finally tilting to the side to see the map view.

This section describes all that it does in a bit more detail click on a page to learn more.  The first set of pages are navigated via swiping

Distance SummaryCO2 SummaryPoints List

Next up are a set of pages that you get to from selecting a point on the list

Finally flip onto the side to get the map view
Map View

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